Jeremy Glassenberg

Product and Platform Leader | Advisor and Consultant | Delivering Business Goals to Reality with exceptional ROI

I'm an experienced Product leader of over 13 years with a proven track record of building APIs and growing developer ecosystems at successful startups such as Box and Tradeshift. I've managed and expanded communities of tens of thousands of developers, executed high-profile integrations promoted by Salesforce and Google, and established key components to monetization with platforms. While focused on Product Management and APIs, I also manage developer relation programs and application marketplaces.

As a consultant, I support companies in launching new products and APIs, to grow developer communities, and manage healthy marketplaces. I also provide guidance in applying Product Management processes for businesses as they build their Product teams.

I also advise and mentor startups and accelerators, such as Alchemist, Techstars, and Salesforce Accelerate.

Specialties include but are not limited to: Product Management, Product Strategy, Developer Relations, API Integrations, and Partner Relations.

If interested in reaching out to me for consulting services, mentoring, or an interview, feel free to get in touch.

Current Initiatives

API strategist

Platform Strategy Consultant

I provide Platform Strategy and Design support for businesses at various stages, from stealth startups to multi-billion dollar organizations.

We're partners with Clear Strategy Group, GrowthX, and WSO2.

Solutions provided include:

- API design

- API Launch plans

- Developer outreach plans

- Developer interface design

- Enterprise product strategy

Bootstrap Labs

Expert In Residence

BootstrapLabs is a venture building platform that was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We understand firsthand the needs and challenges of building a startup, and we invest early in potentially disruptive technology startups with global potential.

Product School

Lead Product Management Instructor

I tought 10+ full Product Management courses and assisted with 3 additional cohorts in training over 150 students to understand the skills and processes of proper Product Management.

As a Lead Instructor, I led the creation of Product School's second version of their core curriculum.

My students have gone on to find their first PM jobs or transition into PM roles at Google, Amazon, RallyHealth, and more.

Mentoring and Advising

I enjoy mentoring startup founders and Product Managers in my spare time. Here are a few highlights.

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